The RenuAdvanced skincare system and Cell Performance products were the latest “script to screen” project we created for ASEA. Product video production is one of our specialties. We love designing content that will be seen on the big screen at conventions and shareable from mobile devices.  These examples are Product Launches and Teases.

This digital film, created by Langenheim Creative Group, played a significant role in the successful launch campaign for RenuAdvanced Skincare System by ASEA. Premiering at their convention before an enthusiastic audience of distributors, it made a lasting impact.

Cell Performance is ASEA’s newest release, developed specifically to make a positive impact in the energy market. This impressive line of three products is presented in a captivating product launch film created by Langenheim Creative Group, designed to energize a vibrant live arena. .

The ASEA’s RENU28 campaign was a rewarding project for Langenheim Creative Group. Our talented team skillfully produced 4 captivating short films that beautifully illustrate various scenarios, that showcase the exceptional benefits and transformative power of this innovative skincare technology. We created an immersive digital film experience that will captivate and enlighten ASEA’s target audience.