For several years Langenheim Creative Group has worked closely with Bi-Tapp to tell their incredible story of the “Tappers”, and how they are changing the world by bringing hope and healing through nervous system regulation. They’ve witnessed firsthand the widening ripple effect that a crisis can cast over a community. It’s not just the victims, it also impacts neighbors, friends, teachers and students, first responders, and their families. Bi-Tapp stands shoulder-to-shoulder with communities, ensuring they have the tools to process their experiences and find their footing once more.

Langenheim Creative Group is proud to be a part of spreading the word of this life-changing product.

“For us, Bi-Tapp is more than a business—it’s a heartfelt commitment to healing and hope.”

~ Cindy & Hayley

Bi-Tapp Thom – First Responder Teastimonial

“The stress of the job was following me home and my family life was suffering. The tappers help me release my work stress so I don’t take it home with me.”

Bi-Tapp MaryAnn – Trauma Recovery Testimonial

“After my best friend died in front of me from a domestic violence encounter, normal functioning vanished. My trauma therapist recommended Bi-Tapp.”

In addition, Langenheim Creative Group’s Bi-Tapp video series showcases a variety of “HOW TO” videos to ensure users possess the necessary knowledge for an optimal user experience. Here are a few examples of our work.