Gary Langenheim, my condensed professional story…

Growing up in a beautiful beach town I discovered surfing at a young age and fell in love with it.  As a youth, I always thought, to my parents’ chagrin, that surfing would be my ultimate professional pursuit.  Around the same time, my grandfather gifted me a film camera that I would take to the beach to film friends and make silly home movies. When the waves were down, drawing, and painting occupied my time. Little did I know that, a few years later, working at a local cable TV station as the art director, would open a completely new world for me and mesh my creative joys into my lifelong passion. Within just 9 months, I successfully advanced to the position of production manager at the station. With this achievement, I realized that endless opportunities awaited me and the big picture was coming into focus.

DynoComm Sports was the first company I co-founded and was VP of Production for. We started with promotional videos for surf industry powerhouses, Hobie, Quiksilver, Billabong, and Ocean Pacific Sunwear, where the big question came from the VP of Marketing who asked… “Can you do a surfing competition for broadcast TV?” Even though we hadn’t yet, I said yes. That simple yes started my sports television career and quickly opened the door for live multi-camera directing, producing, shooting, and editing sports programs such as professional snowboarding, Motocross, skateboarding, Skiing, in-line skating, jet-ski racing, and NASCAR. At one point, we were producing approximately 70% of all of the programming on ESPN2 from our Southern California facility, where we created thousands of sports specials and series. 

These programs reached audiences not only through ESPN2 and ESPN but also for networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox Sports, which resulted in EMMY Award-winning honors. With continued passion for the industry and a desire for continued growth, I worked with other notable companies creating program concepts, leading staff, talent, and crews. Designing production studios also became one of my passions. My career has taken me to New York City and Park City, Utah where I helped co-found Fischer Productions. Crafting shows in the world of outdoor programming. This led to amazing endeavors worldwide, building memories, and being fortunate to earn additional EMMY Awards for the skills I have continued to build upon.

I’ve also had the pleasure of collaborating with corporations to enhance brand recognition, expand into new markets, and establish a presence in foreign countries. Traveling around the world doing what I love, capturing mind-blowing events, meeting and working with incredibly gifted people, continually evolving with technology and processes, and seeing the most beautiful places are dreams come true.  God has truly blessed me and my journey.

It is the culmination of all the experiences of the past, that has led my wife and myself to establish Langenheim Creative Group.  We now get to expand our imagination in ways we never have before, and we get to do it together. Together we are an unbeatable team! We surround ourselves with a pool of seriously talented individuals, as we partner with small and large businesses and corporations to tell their stories.


Most of all, we can’t wait to work with you and your company.  We know that our greatest work and experiences lie in front of us.