For 5 years it was my pleasure to serve as the Director of Global Media Services for LifeVantage. I was able to build and mentor a solid creative team. Plus, design our state-of-the-art production studio, and editing facilities. Bringing EMMY Award-winning experience to the LifeVantage marketing and promotions effort was an incredibly significant milestone in my career.

After my time at LifeVantage, I continued to contract with them as Langenheim Creative Group, producing several projects such as the RLS/LifeVantage “Gain an Edge” relationship optimization series, commercials, promotions, and their ITT system series (seen above and lower left) which introduces the LifeVantage opportunity, their business, and product offerings.

The LifeVantage ITT (Introduce, Tools, Team) system is an overview of this amazing company. Langenheim Creative Group put our heart and soul into these unique film projects.

PROTANDIM is a powerful product and  LifeVantages’ flagship offering. The Media Team and I had several opportunities to create compelling visual stories of this breakthrough product.

In the products category for LifeVantage, the TrueScience Skincare System is a standout. This short film was created to unveil the newly repackaged look. 

Finding creative ways to present “how to make money” with LifeVantage was a fun process. Presenting the information with a 10-part series, in an art gallery showcases a unique approach to teaching viewers about the compensation plan.

AXIO Energy Drink for Playground Earth – Launch Campaign – Live Global Convention debut – Screen dimensions 18′ x 138′

LifeVantage Corporate Theme Reveals – Unleashing enthusiasm and empowering a vast network of distributors to grow their enterprises.

The LifeVantage MyLifeVenture program has been one of the corporation’s most popular promotions. A JEEP giveaway program awarding their top performers with a new custom “to order” incentive on wheels. Our short film projects created unforgettable hype and awareness.