LINQ Legacy Video - Final 11.25.2020


 "Our new LINQ Legacy product video is the best marketing tool we have had to date.

It just barely beat out the Optimend video Langenheim Creative produced first which; is a close second. Well done!"

~ David Brown CEO, Activz


ACTIVZ - AIRO Product Video

There’s a lot of noise out there when it comes to weight loss. “Eat this, not that,” and then there’s the fad diets and exercise programs. Between that and mustering up the ‘will-power’ you need to succeed, it can be exhausting.


ACTIVZ has your arsenal available in one product. AIRO! 




ACTIVZ - Optimend Product Video

This was the first of several productions created for Activz. The product video promotion for Optimend "Cellular Jet Fuel" was written and co-produced by Kristi Langenheim. She is amazing and incredibly skilled in marketing and identifying the brand story. "We are all being disrupted".


Multi-Langusge Productions

All videos produced for Activz have be localized for multiple language markets. Localization is simply part of Langenheim Creative's processes and one that our global clients are very glad we do. 


Here is a video example of our localization capabilities. English, Japanese and Spanish...


ACTIVZ - Compensation Plan

The Compensation Plan project is a 20-minute series of 16 videos detailing the many ways that ACTIVZ distrubutors earn Money, Bonuses and Rank Advancements. Here is a short example.


Langenheim Creative Group also provided our client ACTIVZ with a complete Comp Plan series in Spanish as well.


Activz - Compensation Plan Video Series - Production



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